Rest assured if you need to clean it, we likely have a product for it! Browse our brochure of tank cleaning products and options to see if there is one that works for you or contact us to help you narrow down the best choices.

65 FT TO 147 FT (20M TO 45M)



Minimum Opening: 11.8″ (300 mm)

Pressure: 30-435 psi (2-30 bar)

Flow Rate: 42-293 GPM (158.98-1109.12 LPM)

Diameter: 130 ft (40 m)



Minimum Opening: 7.3″ (185 mm)

Pressure: 30-435 psi (2-30 bar)

Flow Rate: 40-518.3 GPM (151.41-1961.97 LPM)

Diameter: 150 ft (45 m)

20 FT TO 65 FT (6M TO 20M)



Minimum Opening: 3.86″ (98 mm)

Pressure: 30-435 psi (2-30 bar)

Flow Rate: 8–72.38 GPM (30.28-273.98 LPM)

Diameter: 50 ft (15 m)



Minimum Opening: 6.3″ (160 mm)

Pressure: 30-435 psi (2-30 bar)

Flow Rate: 12-108.7 GPM (45.42-411.47 LPM)

Diameter: 65 ft (20 m)

6 FT TO 20 FT (2M TO 6M)



Minimum Opening: 3″ (75mm)

Pressure: 30-1,015 psi (2-70 bar)

Flow Rate: 8-56.8 GPM (30-215 LPM)

Diameter: 21.5 ft (6.5 m)



Minimum Opening: 4.3″ (109 mm)

Pressure: 30-435 psi (2-30 bar)

Flow Rate: 7-29 GPM (26.49-134.98 LPM)

Diameter: 16 ft (5 m)

UP TO 6 FT (2M)

ODC  sj


Minimum Opening: 2″ (50 mm)

Pressure: 30-435 psi (2-30 bar)

Flow Rate: 4-26 GPM (16-100 LPM)

Diameter: 6 ft (2m)




Minimum Opening: 5″ (126 mm)

Pressure: 30-3,200 psi (20-220 bar)

Flow Rate: 3-21.13 GPM (11,35-79,98 LPM)

Diameter: 13 ft (4 m)


ODC Lance

Require a lance for your tank cleaning projects? We can do that!
Contact us today to get pricing for a specific or custom lance required for your cleaning needs.

Contact us today to inquire about a specific product or to find out what product may work best for your application!

Affordable cost with a better result!

Tank Washing Made Simple With Our Tank Cleaning Equipment & Systems

No matter what you fill your tanks with or how big they are, you need to routinely clean them – and this is a chore no operation looks forward to.

However, we’re here to make tank washing a simple, painless task with our efficient lineup of tank cleaning equipment!

No matter your industry, no matter your tank or container material or size – we have tank cleaner systems to help automate this task for good.

Invest in the most innovative, effective systems today by reaching out or requesting a quote!

Tank Cleaning Nozzles For Your Specific Industry & Containers

A lot of our customers come to us reporting that other manufacturers don’t offer tank cleaning nozzles geared towards their industry. After all, there are so many different uses for tanks – and tons of different sizes, materials, etc.

Rest assured, we design and manufacture tank cleaning equipment specifically for you and your operation. From shipping containers to mixers, tanker trucks to process vessels – and everything in between, here are a full list of tanks and containers our equipment works well with:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Process Vessels
  • Lauter Tuns
  • Fermenters
  • Shipping Containers
  • Silos
  • Milk Tanks
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Mixers
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers

We serve just about every industry, including chemical, dairy, cosmetic, food, brewing & beverage, agriculture, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and more. If you’re not seeing your application or industry listed, that doesn’t mean we can’t help – simply reach out for more information on our tank cleaning systems!

The Different Types Of Tank Washing Systems We Offer

Every tank is different – which is why our tank washing systems vary so greatly! You can shop around based on pressure – as we offer low pressure tank cleaning nozzles and high pressure tank cleaning nozzles.

You can also shop based on tank size – we have a few different series available for the following diameter sizes:

  • Up to 6’
  • 6’-20’
  • 20’-65’
  • 65’-147’

Across all our tank cleaner equipment, you’ll notice a few similarities, though. They offer 360 degree cleaning with a super unique spray pattern – simply watch the video above on this page to get an idea of how they work.

All our products are durable and low-maintenance. They’re lubricated and driven by the cleaning fluid you use, and come with excellent sealing to limite any leaks. You’ll experience little to no issue with clogging, and be glad you invested in the best of the best when it comes to tank cleaning machines!

Why Buy A Tank Cleaner System At Oilers Depot?

Our goal is to provide you with tank cleaning systems that are affordable, efficient, and most importantly – effective. We’re constantly pursuing innovation and improvement with our tank cleaning systems, getting better at what we do year after year.

With our products, you’ll be able to make tank washing a simple, fast procedure that doesn’t bog you down anymore. No more wasted time or resources!

Whether you need low-pressure tank cleaning solutions or high-pressure tank cleaning machines – we have something for you.

We’re Here To Help You Get The Right Tank Cleaner

Not sure which tank cleaner is right for you? That’s ok – it can get pretty complicated! We’re here to help you find the perfect tank washing system today – reach out and we’ll get you exactly what you need. We’ll just ask a few questions, such as:

  • What industry you’re in
  • The size of your tank you need washed or cleaned
  • Your tank opening size
  • Your pump pressure
  • If your application is clean in place
  • Some personal information about you and your business

After that, we’ll be able to recommend the perfect tank cleaning nozzles for you and your operation. This expertise and level of service is just one of the many reasons people prefer to shop at Oilers Depot for all their tank cleaner needs!