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THE ODC 4 Series rotating tank cleaner is the perfect choice when long life is just as important as a spotless container. Built with a reliable slide bearing and a simpler mechanical motion, this unit experiences comparatively low wear and thus has a longer operational lifespan.

  1. Durable, low-maintenance stainless steel construction
  2. Cleaning time can often be reduced significantly compared other 3D rotational impact tank cleaning machines
  3. High impact flat jet & 360 degree spray ensures the tank is thoroughly clean
  4. Two sizes available (see table below)
  5. Four specialized options available
  6. Lubricated and driven by the cleaning fluid
  7. Low flow requirements


The liquid flow drives an internal turbine and moves the machine in a 2D rotating pattern using fan jets to clean the tank interior. The speed of the head is kept within its optimal range across a wider span of pressures and the nozzles maintain a more powerful spray even with fan-style jets. Compared to conventional rotational cleaning cycle nozzles, cleaning time can be reduced considerably, less cleaning fluid is required, and energy costs are saved.


The ODC 4 tank cleaners are suitable for the rinsing and cleaning of small vessels, tanks and machines in food, beverage, chemical, and oil & gas industries.


Minimum Opening: 1.7″ (42 mm)

Pressure: 30 – 175psi (2 – 12 bar)

Flow Rate: 8 – 36 GPM (30 – 140LPM)

Diameter: 5 – 20 ft (1.5-6m)