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  This device cleans at a greater diameter than any other rotating tank cleaner in the Oilers Depot toolbox while also delivering impressive cleaning returns. This heavy-hitting design delivers the largest impact force of all ODC large tank cleaners.
  1. Durable, low-maintenance stainless steel construction
  2. Thoroughly cleans the entire tank interior (360°)
  3. Lubricated and driven by the cleaning fluid
  4. Excellent sealing design limits leakage which saves more cleaning fluid
  5. Designed to make it very difficult to clog


This tank cleaner provides a powerful and thorough 360-degree cleaning pattern using two nozzles to blast the tank walls and wash all surfaces. A gear reducer is driven by the cleaning fluid through the turbine rotation to create a full 3-dimensional spinning spray pattern with the machine nozzles spinning in two planes.

The cycle time is approximately 8-30 minutes depending on nozzle size and pressure used. Required fluid volume varies with nozzle diameter, pressure and cycle time.


ODC 9 cleaning machines are well suited for cleaning of large tanks and vessels, underground storage tanks, and heavily soiled vessels and can be used in many industry applications.


Minimum Opening: 7.3″ (185 mm)

Pressure: 30 – 435 psi (2 – 30 bar)

Flow Rate: 40 – 518.3 GPM (151.41 – 1961.97 LPM)

Diameter: 150 ft (45 m)